Press and Media Information

The American Epilepsy Society's Annual Meeting is the largest meeting and exhibition in the world for those who share the common scientific and clinical interests of epilepsy and clinical neurophysiology. The meeting attracts more than 5,000 attendees dedicated to improving the quality of life for those dealing with epilepsy. This meeting is the top forum to examine common concerns and to gain insight from leading authorities. The following is important policy information for media and public relations activity at the AES Annual Meeting.

Please click here to see who qualifies for media credentials. Press credentials are at the sole discretion of the public relations department.

  • Press Registration Policy

    Please click here to see who qualifies for media credentials. Press credentials are at the sole discretion of the public relations department.

    If you attended a past meeting as media, the public relations department reserves the right to request copies of articles or broadcast coverage resulting from that assignment to be credentialed as press at subsequent meetings. If a news outlet sends a staff member or freelancer, the outlet must furnish proof of resulting original coverage in order to send a representative in subsequent years. The public relations department is not responsible for locating past coverage.

    The public relations department does not make its current press registration list available.

  • AES Embargo Policy

    Press releases and sessions are embargoed until the local date and time of the presentation, as noted on each press release. AES strictly enforces its embargo policy, which prohibits the publication of the contents of abstracts ahead of the embargo date and time. Embargoed press releases on newsworthy abstracts will be distributed to credentialed journalists prior to the annual meeting.

  • Audio and Audiovisual Policy

    Audio and video recording of the annual meeting including, but not limited to, the Exhibit Hall, Platform Sessions, and other meeting events is strictly prohibited. Recordings will be available at following the meeting. Session recordings may not be sold or used for the purpose of providing continuing medical education of any kind, or their international equivalent, without prior written consent from AES.

    Camera crews are prohibited unless permission is given in advance. Any presence of this nature is contingent upon an AES staff person escorting the crew. Permission for photography or video interviews of individual presenters must be secured from the individual author/presenter.

  • Repurposing Content

    Eligible journalists are not permitted to develop CME content, or its international equivalent, based on information presented at the AES Annual Meeting. Media that repurpose or have repurposed AES meeting content in a stand-alone medium either for revenue or without charge, unless by agreement with AES, are ineligible to receive press credentials. Press that produce or have produced content in a standalone medium that uses the AES name or logo to imply endorsement, without AES’ expressed permission, are ineligible to receive press credentials.

  • Reviewing Abstracts

    A searchable database will be available in late November, in advance of the AES Annual Meeting, and will include information on abstracts to be presented at the annual meeting.

  • Sessions and Events

    Journalists may attend sessions and events on a space available basis (except committee meetings or member-only forums) as observers, not participants. Interaction with presenters and/or other attendees is permitted before and after the session. Journalists who are also staffing an exhibit must wear their exhibitor badge while at their booth. (Please note: while press have full access to meeting sessions, those with only “exhibitor” badges have different privileges).

    Information presented at the AES Annual Meeting is the responsibility of its authors and is not intended to represent AES’s official views, policies or positions. Journalists who fail to comply with these guidelines will forfeit their press credentials and admittance to the AES Annual Meeting. AES reserves the right to deny or terminate press privileges to credentialed press at any time prior to or during the meeting.

Media Contact

For questions regarding policies or to schedule an interview, please contact Caitlin Blum at or (312) 558-1770.