Concurrent/ICW Meetings and Events

Concurrent or In Conjunction With (ICW) Meetings

What are ICW Meetings? These meetings take place between Tuesday, November 27 and Wednesday, December 5, and are in New Orleans because they follow the AES Annual Meeting. Meetings include but are not limited to: alumni reunions/receptions, advisory board meetings, committee/board meetings, focus groups, task forces, and social events, breakfast, lunch, reception or dinners; exhibitor meetings.  Please note: all events, regardless of location, are ICWs and must be approved by AES in advance.

The online request form will open by the end of August 2018.

Questions? Please contact Emily Thompson, meetings coordinator at

AES Committee Meetings

Please contact your AES staff liaison.  

Concurrent Meetings with Education

AES accepts applications from third party providers to offer select CME-accredited satellite symposia. AES does not accredit these symposia nor does it jointly provide them. For more information, please contact the education department.