Abstract FAQs

How do I submit an abstract for the 2018 AES Annual Meeting?

The deadline to submit your abstract for the 2018 meeting was June 4, 2018.

AES will accept late-breaking submissions in September. Late-breaking abstracts should feature emerging data that was not available during the regular abstract submission period, April-June 2018.

Am I automatically registered for the 2018 AES Annual Meeting if I submit an abstract?

No. You must register for the AES Annual Meeting separately. Registration opens in July. 

Can I withdraw my abstract after the submission deadline and after acceptance?

Yes. To withdraw, please send an email containing the abstract title, authors and ID to info@aesnet.org by Monday, October 29, 2018, with "Abstract Withdrawal" in the subject line. A “withdrawn” notice will then be placed on the poster board in the poster hall

May I be the first/presenting author on more than one abstract?

No. AES allows you to be the first and presenting author on one abstract only.

If I am the first author of an abstract and I am unable to attend the meeting, what should I do?

Although the first author is preferred, any co-author may present without having to notify AES.

When will I know if my abstract has been accepted?

Acceptances will be sent by email at the end of August to the author listed as the presenter. The email will also note which session for which the abstract has been chosen.

Are there instructions available for poster and platform presenters?

Yes. Detailed instructions are available in October and will be posted on the AES website.

Can I take photographs or video in the poster hall?

No. Photography and video are prohibited in the poster hall.

May I get a refund for my abstract processing fee?

No. The abstract submission fee is non-refundable.

What size is the poster board?

The poster board is 4 ft. high x 8 ft. wide (usable space for the poster is 44" x 91"). AES does not specify a size for the actual poster but it is required to fit within the size of the poster board itself.