For Current Exhibitors

  • Exhibitor Manual

    Please click here to review the exhibitor manual and place orders online through GES and other official suppliers. Please order GES services by November 14, 2019, to take advantage of discounted rates. Order lead retrieval by October 15, 2019, for substantial savings. Click here for a list of official suppliers.

  • Guidelines for Referring to AES in Advertising

    References to AES in Advertisements and Mailings

    Advertisements and direct mail outreach may include reference to the AES Annual Meeting, but it must not imply that the ad or mailer is from AES. During the review process, AES reserves the right to change language relating to the use of the American Epilepsy Society and/or to reduce the point size of the reference.

    • Neither the AES logo nor the AES 2019 Annual Meeting logo may be used in any advertisement or mailer
    • No version of “American Epilepsy Society”, “AES”, and “Annual Meeting” may appear in any URLs your company uses to support your program or product.
    • The following reference to AES is not required, but may be used in all advertising, including airport, outdoor, taxi, hotel, and various onsite advertising: AES2019 or AES 2019.
    • On materials viewed or used onsite at the convention center—including but not limited to program book ads, meeting guide, door drops, media wall ads, and room signs for scientific exhibits and satellite symposia—advertisers may use: American Epilepsy Society 2019 Annual Meeting or AES 2019 Annual Meeting.


    Messaging at the AES Annual Meeting

    Please note these requirements for your corporate and branded product messaging based on where your advertisement will appear:

    • Messaging on sponsored items and advertising inside the exhibit hall may include corporate messaging and logos and/or product messaging and logos. AES reserves the right to disallow corporate and/or product messaging and logos on items in the exhibit hall if there is a reasonable possibility that attendees may carry those items where corporate messaging might be visible in accredited education sessions.
    • Messaging on sponsored items and advertising in the convention center but outside the exhibit hall may not include product messaging and logos, with the exception of ads appearing on the AES Media Wall, which may include product messaging and logos.
    • Outdoor advertising and sponsorships (airport, taxi, shuttle buses, billboards, headquarters hotels, etc.) may include a call to action and may include product messaging and logos as part of a larger corporate message. The product messaging and logo must appear smaller than the corporate messaging and logo.
  • Other Important Information

    Advertising, sponsorship, and other promotional opportunities are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Some inventory may sell out prior to the deadline dates. While AES makes every effort to keep its prospectus, insertion order forms, and website up to date, website information is not a guarantee that inventory is available. Contact for the most current availability.

    Program book ads and other promotional materials, including mailings to the pre- and post-meeting registrant list must be approved by AES in advance by emailing proposed copy/art to

    The American Epilepsy Society does not share, sell, or rent lists with email addresses of its members or meeting registrants. If a company offers you a list of AES members with email addresses, it is not authorized by AES. Kindly notify AES if a third party offers you such a list so we may take appropriate action.

  • In Conjunction With (ICW) Meetings and Events

    Organizations, corporations, educational institutions, individuals, and other entities wishing to hold a meeting or event anywhere in the Baltimore, MD area that is related to epilepsy and/or includes AES 2019 Annual Meeting attendees must comply with the following ICW Meeting guidelines.

    This page will address ICW details, the application process, and the guidelines and policies that govern these events.

    Inclusive dates are Tuesday, December 3 to Wednesday, December 11, 2019.

    Your proposed meeting must be submitted to and approved by AES. 

    Application period opens this August

    Early Application Deadline: Thursday, October 31, 2019

    Click here to learn more.



The Baltimore Convention Center

Need More Info?

For information on Exhibits, contact Lara Fitts-Gamache: or 312-265-9639 

For information on sponsorships, advertising, and medical education support, contact Susan Oliver: or 312-883-3800, x 102.