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Basic Science Skills Workshop: Chronic In Vivo Recording: Single Unit to iEEG

Convention Center, Rooms 337-338
6:00 PM-7:30 PM

Given that epilepsy is a disease that arises in living brains, understanding network properties in the intact subject is an essential step towards deciphering the complex dynamics of seizures and of co-morbidities. These dynamics are system-level mechanisms that can be targeted, just like receptors can be targeted with drugs. Novel therapeutic targets can be sought with chronic in vivo recordings in the brain. Techniques that seek to detect and understand these complex neuronal properties are challenging, both in terms of experimental issues and analytical approaches. In this workshop, we will present an overview of electrophysiological recordings at different spatial scales (single neurons in single brain structures to local field potentials over multiple brain regions) and will discuss how these data are recorded, analyzed and interpreted to better understand individual and network electrophysiology in the brain. Finally, we will describe the importance of these studies to guide therapeutic brain stimulation approaches. Advanced registration is required.

Speakers: Rodney C. Scott, MD and David J. Mogul, PhD