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Basic Science Skills Workshop: Single Cell Approaches to Study Cellular Diversity

Convention Center, Rooms 343-344
6:00 PM-7:30 PM

Exciting new technologies are emerging that allow analysis of the properties of individual cells with increasing ease. With the diverse cell populations that make up the brain, embracing this complexity can provide new insight into brain function and dysfunction. In this workshop, we will describe novel single-cell approaches to understand cellular complexity including single cell RNAseq, genomics, and more. The workshop will also include a hands on component to give participants experience in the environments used to analyze single-cell RNAseq data using a sample data set. This workshop will be led by Dr. Mike McConnell (University of Virginia School of Medicine, director of the Cold Spring Harbor course on Single Cell Analysis), an expert on single cell methodologies, and Dr. Chris Dulla (Tufts University School of Medicine) an epilepsy researcher and new adopter of single-cell tools. At the end of this workshop participants will understand what single-cell approaches exist, how these can be utilized in the brain, and how these data sets can be analyzed. Advanced registration is required.

Speakers: Mike McConnell, PhD and Chris Dulla, PhD