Professional Development


Career Pathways Panel: Interprofessional Careers Emphasis

Convention Center, Rooms 337-338
10:00 AM-11:15 AM

This panel will highlight a breadth of career paths including clinical, research, teaching, administration, and other settings for advanced practice providers. Panelists will describe their work in a panel discussions, seek attendee participation, as well as answer any questions.

This session is one of three parallel Career Pathways panels offered simultaneously for clinical care, research, and interprofessional careers. Participants may go between sessions, which will take place in adjacent rooms.

The organizers would like to hear from the APP audience on priority topics and professional areas for discussion. Please share your ideas here prior to the meeting.

Chair: Gigi Smith, PhD, RN, PNP, FAES

Panelists: Kelly R. Conner, PhD, MMS, PA-C; Sandra Dewar, PhD, APRN, FAES; Gigi Smith, PhD, RN, PNP, FAES; and Bethany Thomas, MSN, CRNP, CNRN