Epilepsy Specialist Symposium: Controversies in Neocortical Epilepsies

8:30 AM-11:30 AM
Behavioral Health Providers

Chairs: Jennifer Hopp, MD and Ignacio Valencia, MD


Learning Objectives

Following participation in this activity, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss how animal and human models have helped understand neocortical epilepsies
  • Review clinical manifestations of neocortical epilepsy
  • Review different ways to assess language and memory dominance and their pros and cons
  • Discuss ways to functionally map the neocortex
  • Recognize the different surgical approaches for neocortical epilepsy and their outcomes, and how to prevent damage of eloquent cortex 


This symposium addresses several current controversies in the assessment and treatment of neocortical epilepsies. Anchored by a review of animal and human slice models to set the basis for clinical science topics, faculty will address:

  1. Evaluation and treatment of neocortical epilepsies, including current treatment modalities
  2. Networks, in context of clinical expression and cortical mapping
  3. The debate between high density scalp EEG and SEEG
  4. Latest techniques in cortical mapping and surgical approaches for neocortical epilepsy
  5. Clinical outcomes after neocortical resections and how these have changed with modern tools


  • Introduction and Case Presentation | Ignacio Valencia, MD
  • From Animal to Human Models of Neocortical Epilepsy: Cortico-Cortical Networks │ Ivan Soltesz, PhD
  • Clinical Expression of Neocortical Epilepsies as a Function of Cortical Networks: What Have We Learned from SEEG? | Aileen McGonigal, MD, PhD
  • Assessing Language and Memory Dominance: fMRI, MEG, and Wada…Is the Additional Memory Information Worth the Extra Risk? │ Eugen Trinka, MD, MSc
  • High-density Scalp EEG and SEEG in the Localization of Neocortical Epileptogenic foci)
    • High-density EEGMark D. Holmes, MD
    • SEEG │ Juan C. Bulacio, MD
  • Neocortical Functional Mapping: Are We Mapping Sites or Networks? │Nathan Crone, MD
  • Surgical Approaches for Neocortical Epilepsy and How to Prevent Damage of Eloquent Cortex │Bradley Lega, MD
  • Outcomes After Neocortical Resection: Is it Worthwhile the Effort? │ Jennifer Hopp, MD 
  • Panel Discussion and Conclusions | All Faculty