Investigators Workshops


Investigators Workshop: Circuit Based Therapies in Epilepsy

Convention Center, Rooms 337-338
8:45 AM-10:15 AM
Behavioral Health Providers

This workshop will address novel circuit therapies in epilepsy. Conventional systemic antiepileptic drug therapy immerses the entire brain, affecting both normal and pathogenic circuits, causing both therapeutic and negative outcomes. In addition, the neuronal circuit disruptions underlying phenotypic expression in epilepsy are mechanistically complex. Targeting individual symptoms has proven insufficiently effective in ameliorating seizures or restoring cognitive function in chronic epilepsy. Presentations in this workshop highlight that altered excitability in specific circuits is a proximate generator of both seizures and aberrant behavior in epilepsy, and that targeting these alterations in a circuit-specific manner is a viable therapeutic opportunity.

Learning Objectives

Following participation in this activity, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the promise of circuit based therapies in controlling seizures and correcting epilepsy co-morbidities
  • Describe several novel intervention strategies targeting specific neuronal circuits effective in the control of seizures and co-morbidities in epilepsy
  • Recognize how circuit based therapies in epilepsy overcome some common issues in current therapeutic strategies



Moderator: Douglas Coulter, PhD

Speakers: Robert F. Hunt, PhD; Julia Kahn, BS; and Dimitri Kullmann, MD, PhD