Special Interest Groups


SIG: Epilepsy and Aging: Medical and Surgical Outcomes in Older Adults with Epilepsy

Convention Center, Rooms 343-344
7:00 AM-8:30 AM
Behavioral Health Providers

As our epilepsy patients continue to age, there is a pressing need to better understand how older adults with epilepsy respond to a variety of medical and surgical treatments. In particular, despite a substantial increase in the number of older adults with drug-resistant epilepsy who are candidates for resective surgery, there is little data documenting their outcomes. In this SIG, we will discuss the risks and benefits of epilepsy surgery in older adults, including current data on seizure and cognitive outcomes. This will include concerns about co-morbidity and complication of resective epilepsy surgery in older adults. Next, neuropsychological outcomes in younger versus older adults with epilepsy following surgical intervention will be compared, with a focus on differential predictors of cognitive outcomes for each group. Finally, rodent models will be discussed that identify age-specific differences in seizure mechanisms and response to medications. This SIG will cover both basic and clinical research models of treatment outcomes in older adults with epilepsy, which will appeal to a broad community of AES researchers.

Coordinators: Carrie R. Mcdonald, PhD and Jeannie Chin, PhD

Speakers: Vineet Punia, MD, MS; Sallie Baxendale, PhD; and Hana Kubova, PharmD, PhD, DSc