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SIG: Genetics: Precision Medicine for Genetic Epilepsies

Convention Center, Room 316
6:00 PM-7:30 PM
Behavioral Health Providers

Precision medicine' is a term frequently used in reference to therapies for genetic epilepsies, but what is it and has it arrived? If not, why not and what will it take to get there? In this SIG we are planning a lively debate regarding the reality of precision medicine (PM) in the current era of accelerated genomic discoveries. Precision medicine has been declared in several instances, but there is a sense that we are far from where we need to be. With this debate, the real promise of therapeutic approaches that target underlying disease pathology highlighted by one speaker will be tempered with a realistic critique of our success to date provided by the other speaker. Questions regarding what we mean by precision medicine will be raised, including expected efficacy, the specificity of treatment responses and the role of rational therapeutic design. The level of evidence needed to support novel therapies in very rare genetic conditions, including n-of-one reporting, will be discussed. We anticipate that with this controversial topic, the Genetics SIG will continue to draw a large and interactive audience.

Coordinators: Tristan Sands, MD, PhD and Danielle M. Andrade, MD, MSc

Speakers: Dennis Dlugos, MD, and Steven Petrou, PhD