Special Interest Groups


SIG: MEG/MSI: Indications and Contraindications for MEG in Epilepsy Patients

Convention Center, Rooms 347-348
6:00 PM-7:30 PM
Behavioral Health Providers

Despite its acceptance as part of the standard of care and its routine clinical use in epilepsy centers where it is available, magnetoencephalography remains mysterious to most neurologists - and even to many epileptologists. In particular, they are puzzled as to when MEG can be very helpful, and in which cases MEG is unlikely to add any additional information. Even beyond a misunderstanding of the indications themselves, apprehension and a lack of knowledge regarding the technical aspects has led to the perception that there are many limitations of MEG, most of which are myths. For any physician who treats epilepsy patients, this Special Interest Group will serve to acquaint them with MEG in a practical and clinical way. The speakers will clearly define the uses and misuses of MEG, carefully illustrating their key points with multiple clinical cases. This includes not only indications and contraindications but also answers to the questions of when in the workup to order the MEG, what to expect from the MEG report, and how to integrate the MEG results into the therapeutic decision-making.

Coordinators: Richard C. Burgess, MD, PhD and Michael E. Funke, MD, PhD

Speakers: Anto Bagic, MD, PhD; Ismail S. Mohamed, MD; and Andreas V. Alexopoulos, MD, MPH