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SIG: SUDEP: 2020: A Look at The Road Ahead Toward SUDEP Preventive Approaches

6:00 PM-7:30 PM

Organizers: Franck K. Kalume, PhD (Chair); David S. Auerbach, PhD (Vice Chair); and Kristina A. Simeone, PhD (Incoming Vice Chair)

Speakers: Lori L. Isom, PhD; William Nobis, MD, PhD; and Heather C. Mefford, MD, PhD

This workshop addresses preventative approaches for sudden unexpected death (SUDEP) in epilepsy, with a focus on SUDEP mechanisms in the central nervous system.

SUDEP is the most common cause of epilepsy-related mortality. Despite the tremendous advances in the last decade in SUDEP research and investment, the pathophysiological mechanisms of this devastating complication of epilepsy are not completely understood. Furthermore, there is no effective preventive approach for this condition. Studies have shown that SUDEP can be precipitated by seizure-induced disruptions of central, peripheral or end-organ control of vital functions (i.e., cardiac, respiratory).

This workshop covers:

  1. Recent studies that shed light on novel molecular (genetic), cellular, and network mechanisms of SUDEP in the central nervous system and discuss their potential implications for SUDEP prevention
  2. A review of the challenges and opportunities in the development of SUDEP preventive measures