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SIG: SUDEP: New Technologies to Capture the Physiological Changes and Novel Interventions

Convention Center, Room 325
6:00 PM-7:30 PM
Behavioral Health Providers

The substrates and triggers for SUDEP remain unknown; the events leading up to SUDEP are often not captured. This session will include a review of novel technologies for capturing the physiological changes (e.g., autonomic, serotonergic, and cardiac) surrounding non-fatal and fatal seizures, and recent therapeutic interventions. In addition, this session will review recent pathological markers for SUDEP identified using novel technologies. Talks will include recent translational studies that apply computational approaches, accelerometry, ECGs, videos, and multimodal technologies to characterize the physiological state and postictal changes associated with SUDEP. The SIG will conclude with a panel discussion (speakers and moderators) of presented results and recent clinical (sensory and pharmacological) interventions to reduce SUDEP.

Coordinators: David S. Auerbach, PhD and Franck K. Kalume, PhD

Speakers: Domininique M. Durand, PhD; Sandor Beniczky, MD, PhD; Corey Massey, PhD; and Brian D. Moseley, MD