Special Interest Groups


SIG: Tuberous Sclerosis: Current Role for Vigabatrin in the Treatment of Epilepsy in TSC

Convention Center, Rooms 345-346
7:00 AM-8:30 AM
Behavioral Health Providers

Vigabatrin is approved for the treatment of infantile spasms and focal seizures. In TSC, it is the recommended first-line treatment for infantile spasms. Recent reports and ongoing studies additionally suggest that early vigabatrin treatment, before the onset of clinical seizures, may reduce subsequent overall epilepsy burden and improve long-term developmental outcomes. The potential for vigabatrin-associated visual field loss, however, is a persistent concern of both clinicians and parents who struggle with evaluating treatment benefit and risk when considering treatment with vigabatrin. The 2019 TSC SIG will update members on the latest evidence that supports vigabatrin treatment of infantile spasms and focal seizures in TSC, recent studies on the prevalence of vigabatrin treatment-related toxicities in TSC including analysis of the vigabatrin safety registry in the United States, and the first treatment outcome results of the European EPISTOP clinical trial of early vigabatrin treatment before seizure onset.

Coordinators: Darcy A. Krueger, MD, PhD and Joyce Wu, MD

Speakers: Shaun Hussain, MD; Serguisz Jozwiak, MD, PhD; and Robert Sergott, MD